About Us


With more than 50 years of experience in the industry, owning and managing pubs, restaurants, canteens, and cafes, there is only one thing that he holds on to….passion for excellence. 

At Brew Cafe, people come hungry for the food, sleepy and in need for coffee, peckish and craving for cakes. However, there are some people who come to our cafe NOT for those mentioned reasons, sometimes, people do come for Dennis. They want to say hi, they want to greet him, or to tell stories.
At the root of our service is his passion for excellence. His commitment to deliver anything but the best, and constantly providing service that goes above and beyond, have inspired the rest of the team to strive further. 
The 20 years running service of Brew Cafe is the testimony of all that mentioned above. 

Our Clients

Some of our precious customers that have used our catering service in the past
NSW Planning, Industry, & Environment
Canadian Embassy
Dimension Data
Destination NSW
CPA Australia


We are open Monday – Friday from 7am – 3pm offering breakfast from 7am – 11.30am and followed with lunch service onward.
On Saturday we are open for our weekly breakfast all day service from 7am – 1pm.
We offer quite an extensive menu with good variety and selection to make sure that you will always have something to crave about in our cafe.
Do check our wide variety of catering menu on this website too 🙂 


Booking is not essential, but highly encouraged for the best experience.